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This was primarily a different edition of the flagship Coast to Coast news programme from a different base and with a different presenting team. In 1985, it launched failed bids to acquire the French TV channel TF1 and Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment. [16] In April 1987, Greg Dyke left TVS and returned to LWT.[17]. plus a £5.7m write-off from the disposal of Super Channel[26] resulted in financial instability. On his wings are the name of the Kamata Films studio and the Shochiku Kinema company. The Times Tuesday, 11 November 1986; pg. [23] By 7 July 1988, MTM was bought for £190m, which gave Mary Tyler Moore 5.1% and Arthur Price, chief executive of MTM, 6.6% shares in TVS. [29], Ahead of the ITV franchise round, James Gatward resigned from TVS, after being informed his services were no longer required, as the board believed Gatward was not showing sufficient resolve in preparing TVS for the franchise bid. Universal-International Television was a short-lived division of Universal Pictures, prior to the merger with MCA. Times London, England 10 Apr 1987. This is the wiki from the original logo authority that discusses all production logos, including closing logos, film/movie logos, home entertainment logos, video game logos, and much, much more as well! Accompanying this ident was a clock on a black background with the six TVS colours either side, and an ident sequence following the theme 'For the best view of the South' which was used prior to the news. Additional credit: Logos appear under the permission of Steve Woodgate (CEO of TVS). The company operated under various names, initially as Television South plc and then following reorganisation in 1989 as TVS Entertainment plc, with UK broadcasting activities undertaken by subsidiary TVS Television Ltd.[1]. [18] The end result was that the accounts revealed TVS had become bigger than Yorkshire Television in terms of advertising revenue, and was quickly catching up with the other Big Five ITV companies. 73 which launched the career of Sandi Toksvig and was networked from its second series, On Safari, the British version of Fraggle Rock and was one of the biggest contributors to Dramarama. Compiled by Justin Floyd (August 20, 2007-Present) Nickname: "The CBS Eyemark Studio" Logo: In a blue studio with water, the CBS Eye logo appears. WCBS is the CBS Owned-and-Operated station serving the New York, NY area. This wiki was established in 2016 by Retrogamefan9000 on FANDOM, before it moved to Miraheze in September 2018. Southern and Westward TV lose franchises and others to be restructured. Once again, TVS expressed its concern about its relationship with the Big Five ITV stations, and how they controlled the channel's output. 444 × 336; 59 KB, Trimark Interactive (1997).png All television logo descriptions will be posted here. 9, "TV company 'to go it alone" By Kenneth Gosling. A Black and white version for black and white shows. Against the blue background, the metallic lettering now had the appearance of glass or perspex. The Times , Wednesday, 14 January 1987; TVS up 51%. [28] This was not as bad as expected, since TVS has planned to eliminate 200 jobs during the summer of 1989. Variant E is uncommon and appears on the 2012 syndicated print of Die Hard with a Vengeance. Further changes took place, with the TVS Television board being merged into the TVS Entertainment board, along with a further 100 redundancies to help strengthen the finances. View Mobile Site TVS finally completed the purchase of the Southampton site, equipment, news library and staff pension fund in August 1981. TVS also innovated with the experimental Afternoon Club, a dedicated programme encompassing a number of afternoon soap operas, quiz shows etc. It is headquartered in Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo. For a period afterwards the site was used for other activities before being demolished to make way for redevelopment. Asher-angel-2016 No clock was included in the look. The Times, Saturday, 9 January 1993, TVS dissidents try for a better offer. While most other ITV stations were broadcasting the Thames Television farewell programme The End of the Year Show, Scottish and Grampian chose to opt out and instead aired the traditional Hogmanay, while TVS chose to opt out and air its own final programme entitled Goodbye to All That, a 65-minute retrospective of its programming, presented by Fred Dinenage and Fern Britton, recorded in front of a studio audience at the Northam studios in Southampton on 13 December. The Fox and the Hound, Donkey Kong (video game and character), Mario (character), Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Silicon Graphics, MTV, The Fall Guy, and Entertainment Tonight', Happy 35th Anniversary to: Taking consistent top place finishes throughout Season 2, has been hailed as one of the strongest European teams. 640 × 346; 58 KB, Paramount Pictures(1936).jpg Edit. 28. One year after their acquisition, on December 28, 2012, the roster parted ways with Counter Logic Gaming after … [22] TVS also acquired a 3.5% stake in Australia Network Ten company Northern Star. All family and animation logo descriptions will be posted here. The studios were based in the Brighton Centre, Reading Civic Centre and Poole Arts Centre. As TVS established its deal with LWT, the company started to make significant contributions to the network with its own drama and entertainment series including: Catchphrase, C.A.T.S. To reflect this the contract area served by Southern Television, which was previously titled the South of England area was renamed South and South-East of England. During its 11-year history, TVS produced a number of notable programmes for the ITV network especially in the fields of drama, light entertainment and children's programming. Compare. Variant C appears on FX's print of Home Alone. The studios were closed by Meridian in 2004 and were demolished in 2010. Thus TVS was able to get more of its programmes onto the ITV network slots, such as Bobby Davro on the Box, Catchphrase, C.A.T.S Eyes, Five Alive, Kelly's Eye, The Ruth Rendell Mysteries, Summertime Special and other light entertainment programmes. Here we talk about everything from excellent TV shows, to great web series, and even advertisements and celebrities. The Times Thursday, 10 December 1981 pg. TVS bid opposed. Meridian operated from elsewhere in Maidstone, but in 2004, after extensive cutbacks, it moved back into a small newsroom in the Maidstone Studios. In the summer a major light entertainment programme, Summertime Special was produced for the ITV network on Saturday evenings. after a few more seconds. The Independent Broadcasting Authority had decided to change the area covered from the south to include the south east and included the Bluebell Hill transmitter, associated relays and the main relay at Tunbridge Wells which previously were covered by ITV's London contractors. The BFDI Channel was closed in February 28, 2017 being replaced by a American version of BFDI TV. Funniest Live TV News Interviews Gone Wrong - Duration: 13:13. By our Deputy City Editor.The Times (London, England), Wednesday, 4 November 1992. Blakstad stated "TVS was awarded the franchise to bring a catalyst to ITV, but the authority may have to help them get into the laboratory first". WELCOME!!!!! April 1, 2014-Present: A Lite Hearded Pa… TVS board Backs £38M bid for US cable Group. SubparMario63 In 1990 the new Broadcasting Act was passed by parliament, which deregulated broadcasting in the UK and removed the monopoly on programme production held by franchise holders. If you mess up any page or spam, you will be temporarily banned. TVS tunes in with 62% leap in profits. In Autumn 1992, a number of American companies were interested in acquiring the company, from the likes of TCW Capital, International Family Entertainment Inc. (IFE) and Lorne Michaels. The CLG Wiki is a companion site of The Closing Logo Group. The Times, Tuesday, 6 August 1991. It was used for several quiz shows and it was the base of the regional afternoon magazine show Not for Women Only and TVS recorded the UK inserts for Fraggle Rock there. Michael Tate. In November, TCW Capital made a counter bid,[39] but pulled out a few weeks later after reviewing the accounts of TVS. QLED and OLED TVs. This change, in effect, brought a more "corporate" feel to TVS Television. 01:26, 21 January 2021 The Times, Thursday, 7 July 1988; pg. Two companies had passed the so-called programme "quality threshold" – TVS and Meridian Broadcasting. Each studio had a single camera and a cut down version of the interview set to enable down the line interviews. [30] In March 1991, four contenders were lined up to buy MTM, which would have seen the company being sold off for around £50m, there were hopes the deal would be sorted by May before the ITV franchise application was submitted.[31][32]. 10,505 images on this site. In September 1993, IFE launched a UK version of The Family Channel based at The Maidstone Studios and using some elements of the TVS programme archive. However Meridian agreed to rent the newsroom and facilities for an initial 10-year period from 1993. In 1985 an agreement was reached with LWT, which required help to fill its schedules with appropriate, domestically-produced programming while not having to increase its budget. The new idents featured metallic TVS lettering which would spin out, turning into a metallic logo before spinning back to the lettering. NEWS IN BRIEF: Ex TV-am editor gets new job The Guardian (1959–2003); 17 August 1984; "ITV companies adjust their sets" By Higham, Nick The Observer; 2 November 1986; "Dyke off to LWT." Both the South and South East editions won the Royal Television Society's awards for the Best News Programme of the Year, in 1983 (South East edition), and in 1989 and 1991 (South edition). Continuity announcer Malcolm Brown, previously an announcer at Granada, made the opening announcement: Good morning. One Winnie the Poohtape strangely had full animation, although it was supposed to use the still version. For the first time since 1974, the Torch Lady or anything resembling Columbia's symbol is nowhere to be seen; instead, the corporate logo for Sony Pictures was introduced to television viewers for the first time. Logo" Logo: We only see a static image of the 1985 standard movie logo. With TVS continuing to generate large profits, but restricted in ITV network programming, the company started to search for other investments. The original draft of the Broadcasting Act stated that the applicant with the highest cash bid would win; however, following fears that this would financially stretch the network and diminish programme standards, the concept of a 'quality threshold' was introduced. TVS produced a vast array of programming covering a wide aspect of areas. TVS paid for the deal partly by selling 10% stakes in TVS for £29.2m each to Canal Plus and Générale D'Images, a cable television, film library and film production group, asking shareholders for £47.8m through a convertible preference share issue, with the remaining £38m taken out in a bank loan. She took Robert D. Cardona's place as producer from the third to fifth series after Clearwater Features closed down in 1990. "After the break" The Guardian; 30 December 1980; Whitbread buys £6m TVS stake. 73 was also introduced, locally at first, before being networked.[10]. Asher-angel-2016 Images Photos Details: Columbia Pictures Television (CPT) was the second name of the Columbia Pictures television division Screen Gems (SG), reincorporated on May 6, 1974.The name's change was announced on May 1 and was suggested by David Gerber, who was president of Columbia's television division. A campaign to have it listed failed as the large-scale conversion for television production had made it unsuitable for listing. Despite preparing vast amounts of audience research, programming proposals and an extremely comprehensive application document for the ITC, the TVS board – now minus its founder James Gatward – calculated that it needed to outbid all opposition to retain its licence. Martin Waller. No more Editor Notes! Ken Spears (1938-2020) American television editor, writer, and producer known for co-creating Scooby-Doo and co-founding Ruby-Spears Productions. Variant: • On Stoked, the logo takes place on a water background. It's New Year's Day, 1982, and this is Television South. 17:31, 20 January 2021 TV Tuner: Freeview HD; Design: Aluminium Bezel with Black Frame; £1099.00 Only £899.00 or £30.72 a month 0% finance available . 2. The company operated under various names, initially as Television South plc and then following reorganisation in 1989 as TVS Entertainment plc, with UK broadcasting activities undertaken by subsidiary TVS Television Ltd. 27, Roaring kitten digs claws into TVS profit. 18:34, 20 January 2021 TVS began broadcasting at 9.30 am on Friday 1 January 1982. [48][51][52] The MTM Enterprises library was maintained by 20th Century Fox Television (which was acquired by Disney in 2019).[53]. At the beginning of TVS's time as contractor, the company used separate presentation for each sub region, with a caption declaring the sub region below the clock so viewers could differentiate between programmes for the whole region, or for their sub region. The caption was changed to 'Television' to reflect the station's technical name of TVS Television, and the music was altered slightly to be bolder. The CLG Wiki Live Channel 2015 Special (Television Milestones) by Century Guy Entertainment. 13:13. A second later, the lime drips to reveal TV. Fraser, Nicholas The Observer; 5 November 1989; TVS fine tuning.The Times, Wednesday, 1 July 1987; pg. ITV plc. Next to it is the CBS logo in the Didot font, with Television Distribution in the Helvetica font next to the CBS logo. The decision to operate a television theatre was against the trend in television at that time as both the BBC and Thames Television were to dispose of similar facilities in the following two years. The ITC used this to foot-fault TVS and claimed that the company would not be able to sustain the proposed £59 million a year licence payments. This area was the most hotly contested with seven other applicants besides TVS and the incumbent, Southern Television. Television South (TVS) was the ITV franchise holder in the south and south east of England between 1 January 1982 at 9.25 am and 31 December 1992 at 11.59 pm. 1,920 × 1,440; 9 KB, Trimark (1994).png The deal created a unique company with productions operations in Ireland, UK and USA, along with a UK broadcasting franchise. So sit back and relax as we take you through the wonderful world of production logos. Other location programming included the usual round of sports coverage in the region, principally football. 14, IBA looks ahead with confidence. The CLG Wiki Live Channel XIL - Foreign Design: Sweden - Duration: 11:22. Following submission of its application, TVS was anticipating that it would be forced into a shotgun marriage with Southern, but in the event TVS won outright against the seven other contenders since its plans for a better mix of programmes and greater investment were considered good enough to operate the franchise alone. Alex Trebek (1940-2020) American TV presenter best known for hosting Jeopardy since 1984. By the start of 1981 a number of high-profile personalities had joined the station in preparation for the start of the new franchise: During 1981, TVS's ambitions were soon recognised for its desire to have a greater say in how ITV operated and its dismay on how it was being treated by the Big Five ITV companies, Thames Television, LWT, Central Independent Television, Yorkshire Television and Granada Television. Laurence, Ben The Guardian; 11 March 1991; Setback for TVS attempts to sell American offshootLaurance, BenThe Guardian (1959–2003); 9 February 1991; TVS's £54m bid 'threatens profits'.Melinda Wittstock, Media Correspondent. By TVS's fifth anniversary in 1987, its profits had grown 62% since 1981 to £14.4 million, which was helped after TVS increased its share of programming for ITV network and growth in new business; warnings were made that inflation and cost was higher, but the projected growth of television operations would be around 7–8% during the rest of 1987. The Maidstone Studios, though significant (and home to many networked shows) were ancillary to those in Southampton which were the company's corporate headquarters. 1,200 × 900; 796 KB, Tapestry Films - Animated Version.png The site was originally acquired by Southern Television, which had commissioned a conceptual design for new studio facilities on the site. By November 1986, the station became one of the most heavily criticised companies by the IBA over its programming. The rainbow colour effects are still included, which are included when the logo spins. It's A Wonderful Life, Happy 70th Anniversary to: 16:28, 20 January 2021 The station was also instrumental in providing separate non-news programmes for the South, South East and Thames Valley areas including the chat show, Coast to Coast People, and the listings guide This Way Out. On September 16, 2002, Sony Corporation decided to retire the Columbia TriStar Television name and logo from its television division, renaming it "Sony Pictures Television". TVS seeks franchise review. 20th Century Fox Metromedia/20th Century Fox TV Broadcast Group; 20th Century Pictures, Inc. 20th Century Studios; B BBC Pictures (UK) C Curious Pictures; D Decca Entertainment; ... Michael's Refurbished CLG Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. [8][9] TVS's aims were for a different line of programming in the early evening slots, to win back the 50,000 viewers it claimed were switching over to rivals, due to the poor service provided by Southern.[7]. Asher-angel-2016 Logo: Just An Orange Text With Its byline Underneath Bylines: 1. Meridian Broadcasting, the new licensee, were not offered the studios as TVS initially intended to become an independent producer. The word: Fresh is next to the lime in a chic-font. The Times, Thursday, 12 April 1984; pg. TVS Television (UK) - CLG Wiki. Of these two, TVS's bid was the highest – and therefore should automatically have been awarded the licence for the South and South East of England. The screen zooms out of the blue studio. In 1990 the company brought back How as How 2, and Art Attack began. But no breaking the rules, please! This page was last edited on 21 January 2021, at 00:56. Other contributions included opera from Glyndebourne and a performance of Mahler's 8th Symphony from Salisbury Cathedral to inaugurate Channel 4's stereo service on 28 July 1990. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, A Clockwork Orange, Harold and Maude, Lucasfilm, Walt Disney World, Masterpiece Theatre, All in the Family, and Dirty Harry, Happy 45th Anniversary to: The theatre was quickly converted for television use ready for the start of broadcasting. IFE finally revised and increased the offer to appease the remaining shareholders,[43][44] on 23 January 1993 IFC offer of £56.5m was finally accepted,[45] with the deal being completed on 1 February 1993. Finance was provided by Barclays Bank and Charterhouse investment bank. Quick View. [46], In 1996, IFE sold its remaining 61% share to Flextech,[47] giving it full ownership of the venture, and subsequently in February 1997 Flextech rebranded the channel to Challenge TV, focusing mainly on game shows. BFDI TV launched in the USA in February 28, 2017 replacing The BFDI Channel. Variants: 1… It might have been a mistake in production. The Walt Disney Company first ventured into the television industry as early as 1950, beginning with the one-hour one-off special, One Hour in Wonderland. Even the most experienced logo fans haven't a clue about where this logo appeared or whether or not the television show it appeared on is sti… 1 Logo 1.1 Variant 2 Music/Sounds 3 Scare Factor 4 Video (1969-1975): We start out with a yellow screen, which then wipes away horizontally to become a whitebackground. This is one of the rarest and most confusing logos ever made. We currently have However, only three years later, all the high-bidding licensees – including HTV, which had nearly bankrupted itself to put forward a £25 million bid to win back the Wales and West licence – were allowed to reduce their licence payments, in some cases by more than half. However, the ITC asserted that there was now a third criterion, a requirement that the ITC could confidently expect the winning company to sustain its annual payments throughout the entire period of the 10-year licence. [36] IFE originally made an bid worth £38.2m[37] and received backing from a number of key shareholders for the bid to be accepted. The Times, Wednesday, 11 January 1989. 2014: "Byliness" 2. Elkan Allan. [24], Uncertainty over the high price paid by TVS for MTM coupled with a collapse of a US syndication market, which affected many other US stations,[25] WCBS is also the flagship station of the CBS Television Network. [38] A small number of shareholders, including Julian Tregar, rejected the offer from IFE. Tuck Tucker (1961-2020) American animator and writer known for working on SpongeBob SquarePants and Hey Arnold! Starter's orders for the great ITV stakes The Guardian (1959–2003); 10 May 1980; "Names of companies awarded new ITV franchises will be announced tomorrow" By David Hewson. TVS used Dover as a regional studio for a year until completion of Vinters Park when it disposed of the site. By our Deputy City Editor. This resulted in the "bid high or die" strategy – in which the management calculated the highest possible bid that TVS could possibly afford. Following the award of the franchise to TVS, Southern Television sold the site to the new company at a premium. The result of these calculations was a massive £59 million per annum payable for the following 10 years. The Times (London, England), Tuesday, 22 September 1992. There were different variations for weekday and weekend, which only differed in the zoom out to the lettering. description pages and Background: Television South replaced Southern Television as the holder of the ITV franchise for the South and South East of England on 1 January 1982. A few days later, TVS confirmed profits were down 35% in 1989, which resulted in 140 UK redundancies. TVS acquired the former Plaza Cinema in Gillingham, Kent as a stopgap measure between the commencement of broadcasting and the completion of Vinters Park. The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pokémon (franchise), Jerry Maguire, Mission: Impossible (film), Fargo, Twister, Space Jam, Scream, Independence Day, Hey Arnold!, Dexter's Laboratory, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, Everybody Loves Raymond, Spin City, and 7th Heaven, Happy 20th Anniversary to: In August 1984, Greg Dyke joined TVS from TV-am as director of programmes. This logo was shown until 2006 at the end of local-Disney produced shows for example on 2003, as Club Disneyproduced in association with Telecinco. ( ABC, ATV, Anglia, Border, Carlton, Central, Channel, Channel 4, Grampian, Granada, Harlech/HTV, IBA - Independent Broadcasting Authority, ITV, London Weekend, Mediacircus, Meridian, Rediffusion London, Scottish, Southern, TSW, TWW, Tyne Tees, … Michael's Refurbished CLG Wiki or "mrCLG" as we call it, is a Canadian-made wiki with the Scare Factors and Cheesy Factors restored and reborn! Also appears on syndicated prints of Lionsgate movies distributed by 20th Television starting with a syndicated print of Crash on October 13th, 2013. The Times (London, England), Wednesday, 14 January 1987; Television South nudges hard to enter the Big Five circle. Monsters, Inc., Donnie Darko, Shrek, The Fairly OddParents, Invader Zim, Samurai Jack, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (film), My Wife and Kids, According to Jim, Scrubs, Wikipedia, Zoolander, Vanilla Sky, and 24, Happy 15th Anniversary to: Logo: We see an improved Pegasus on a cloud background (similar to the current Columbia Pictures logo, but the middle part is a bit shorter).We see “TRISTAR” and “TRISTAR TELEVISION” above and below the logo, respectively. Whitbread acquired a 20% stake in TVS from European Ferries in April 1984, as the latter wished to concentrate its financial and management resources on the shipping and property sectors,[11] but sold on the stake in November 1986.

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