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Brace yourself on a sturdy object for a sharper image. To activate the HDR option you’ll need to open the camera app, tap on “HDR” at the top left corner of the screen and then choose “On”. Turn on the grid for better composition; 8. 25 Top iPhone Photography Tips for 2021. Well, rules are made to be broken :-). Schnell ein Foto, einen E-Mail-Anhang oder einen Artikel aus dem Internet ausdrucken - mit dem iPhone ist das kein Problem. Get a deal on iPhone Photography education; 6. Sometimes you might capture an image and later discover something in your photo you want to crop out. It forces the viewer to follow the line to the distance. Another way is to rest your phone on a solid object, and prop it up with whatever is close by – a cup of coffee, your bag, etc. Post-process your photos for maximum impact, 20. If so, you’re definitely not alone… Most iPhone users get blurry photos more often than they should. Use the self-timer feature to capture a different style of selfies or any scene for that matter. They both offer a wide variety of filters which are also customizable so you can always play with the opacity of the filter itself or simply get rid of the green tint you don’t like in the shadows. As you can see, the focus is not on the flowers and is more average for the scene. In order to turn the grid on, you need to go to your phone’s Settings, then scroll down to find the camera icon and make sure the Grid option is activated. Colour is very simple: the colour of the light. These include: While capturing still photos, the 4×3 Photo mode is a perfect ratio for many scenes. When taking a selfie, it’s really hard to tap the camera shutter button, especially with your hand outstretched. It preserved some shadow detail and highlight detail. Thanks for subscribing! That's not true. You’ll be able to see the outlines of a yellow square when you tap, to show you that you’ve set the focus on the right place. Wir zeigen dir geheime Einstellungen und versteckte iOS Funktionen die du noch nicht kanntest. If you look at these wildflower photos, you can see on the left the photo with no flash. Keep a clean lens for clearer photos; 7. ProCamera ProCamera is the best photo app for iPhone I found. You can shoot photos wherever and whenever you want to. ), there are several modes you can choose from. First, open the camera app, then select ‘Portrait’ at the bottom of the screen. Use 3D Touch to jump to get a camera headstart, 24. While iPhone sensors are still not nearly as powerful as DSLR or mirrorless sensors, you can use any of the above-mentioned methods to create light trails, water motion, photograph in darker locations, or capture unique movement. If you haven’t tried them out: go ahead and experiment and if you have any other secret discoveries or pieces of advice – please share in the comments below! You can do this much faster by simply swiping up on your lock screen and tapping the camera icon. Tolle Fotos knipsen dem iPhone 11 Pro: Kamera-Funktionen wie Deep Fusion und Smart HDR machen es möglich. Select the Pano mode, touch the shutter button, and then move the iPhone from left to right. This tip applies to any kind of photography, but it’s not so apparent when using a smartphone to take a shot. Here are a couple of examples where the rules worked very well. The scene consists of highlight areas with a few shadow areas. Positioned in a 1/3 hot spot within the composition, this green plant gets more attention. And mastering a few tricks can help create superb images. Depending on the Apple iPhone model (whether it’s an iPhone 8, iPhone Xs, iPhone 11, etc. At the bottom next to Cancel, is the crop tool. It also creates depth in the photo as it can connect the foreground with the background. Hold the phone like you would a camera. … A selfie stick allows you to capture a broader perspective. If you’ve seen the yellow focus square, you’ve probably paid attention the icon right on its right-hand-side. This is why many parents turn to DIY newborn photography. The iPhone’s metering is, for the most part, automatic. There’s so much to learn about taking great iPhone photos! It compromised to maintain detail in shadows and some highlights. His images have been published thousands of times worldwide. The best way is to use an iphone tripod – these are often available cheaply, and can easily be slipped into your pocket. Are you tired of taking blurry photos with your iPhone? The time you choose depends on your preferences. The HDR image is a little greyer than the left image. The diagonal lines of this stairway create a Z pattern, allowing our eyes to follow it to the top of the picture. Same with the beach. Click on that, and then you can drag the sides or corners anywhere you wish on the image. No more grabbing the backpack and tripod. 'RealPlayer'], ['rmockx.RealPlayer G2 Control', As long as you know them in-depth, you can purposefully break them – there’s nothing which will guarantee a more intriguing photo. This is really useful for when you’ve forgotten your earphones, and can’t trigger the shutter of your phone without having to resort to tapping the on screen shutter button. But every time you have to unlock the phone before selecting the camera app. Get perfect focus with manual override, 10. 'RealPlayer.RealPlayer(tm) ActiveX Control (32-bit)', The iPhone can snap 10 photos a second with burst mode, but you'll notice from the mode slider in the app that it's not an option. Have you ever captured a photo and later wondered where you took the photograph? If you intend to shoot with your smartphone frequently, it’s worth investing in some basic accessories. This is a good approach for selecting zones that need a change in exposure. Then tap a face you want to name, and ‘Add Name’ at the top of the screen. Blur the background on the cheap; 3. It may sound like a really simple tip, but this one thing alone can have the biggest impact on getting a clear photos… and most people never bother wiping their phone’s lens (they usually wipe the screen!). To use the Crop feature, choose the picture from the camera roll and open it, then select Edit. This is a very valuable feature. Before you head out with your iPhone 12, read these tips for taking your best phone photos ever. It works best if you have a tripod to keep the camera level. Our eyes have the ability to perceive highly contrasted scenes such as sunsets, and we’re so used to it that we don’t even pay attention. In order to turn it on, you simply need to hold your finger on the shutter button once you have the camera app up and running, and multiple shots will be fired off automatically. Pro Tip: the above video is by the guys behind the excellent iPhone Photo Academy – I highly recommend you check out their video courses here. | Lee, Kristine | ISBN: 9781544912318 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. (If you’re interested to learn many more, check this popular course out.). It draws the viewer to the plant surviving in a harsh environment. Once the photo is open, slide up from the bottom, and the map shows up with the location. A useful habit to develop is to get used to quickly cleaning your lens before taking a photo – that can ensure there will be no smudges, dust spots or blurry areas on your image. This is an easy … Loop turns a Live Photo you love into a video loop. It could also ensure that your image is easily remembered which is something very valuable in our disposable era. If you want it to be brighter and overexposed, then you just drag it up. Leading lines could be rails, paths, streets, buildings, tunnels or even trees. Pro Tip: Another option is to use a separate light, be it a torch, an LED keyring, or even someone else’s phone light – by angling the light on your subject’s face, the effect can be much more pleasing than direct flash. For example, if there’s movement in the scene, the camera might be constantly readjusting the focus point to compensate for the subject’s new position. An overcast day outside produces very soft light. One of the best iPhone photography tips for creating visual harmony is to use diagonal balance in your photos. It’s much easier to imagine the lines and the sections if you have a grid to help you see them. Also, if you have the earphones actually in your ears, no one will suspect you’re taking a picture ;-). “Deffo will try this … 1. By placing the subject closer to the camera and making it in focus, the depth of field appears shallow. Editing your photos is the icing on the cake of smartphone photography. Great lighting and composition are also important when you wish to tell a story with your iPhone photos. You might notice in the photo below that it has a black stripe in the lower left and upper right. This can create some unusual effects with the light flare. Long Tap to View Photos Of course, there is a basic way of viewing and dismissing photos in a Gallery app. With the newest iPhones, you can do it without any…, Do you want to learn how to superimpose photos on your iPhone? Next time, try holding your camera towards your subject, and holding the earphones in your other hand, use the volume up button on the earphones to take some candid photos. Enter your email to be sent today's Welcome Gift: 19 Photography Tools. This creates a warm and fuzzy impression. iPhone 12 photo tips: How to maximize your new phone's coolest features. According to this rule each picture should be divided into nine equal parts by two vertical and two horizontal lines. Types Of Photography. Photography Tips for Better iPhone Photography Get expert tips and advice for taking pictures with your iPhone with this how-to photo gallery, from National Geographic. Shares. If there’s nothing to rest it on, prop yourself up by leaning against something solid like a tree or lamppost. If you don’t have one, try your best to keep the camera level while panning left to right. Mit der Tricks fürs iPhone App zum iPhone Profi. Use Live Photo Loop and Bounce. Then tap one of the suggested search terms that’ll appear, and it’ll turn into a ‘token’ inside the search box. … Using the 4×3 Photo mode gives the impression of depth. Wir zeigen Dir regelmässig neue Tipps & Tricks rund um das iPhone. Pro Tip: You can even search by peoples’ faces – open the Photos app, then tap Albums, and the People album. Outdoor natural light is defined by Quality, Quantity, Direction, and Colour. With iOS 12, this has become even better – you can now search for several people, or you can combine search terms like ‘Red, car, 2018’. Adjusting your shutter speed can give you additional creative options when photographing moving subjects – slowing your shutter down, for example, allows you to display moving water as a sea of creamy fluff. Product links on ExpertPhotography are referral links. Photography. Let’s take a look at 25 iPhone Photography tips that can significantly improve your mobile photos. Disclaimer: All recommendations are impartial and based on user experience, with no bias to the products or the brand. Regelmäßig kommen neue Anleitungen hinzu und mit der Tricks fürs iPhone … Or where the lines intersect (visual hotspots). Nicht nur die "Shot on iPhone"-Videos zeigen, welches Potential die kleine Smartphone-Kamera des iPhones hat. Get perfect focus with manual … Hi there! Das iPhone ist das leistungsstärkste persönliche Gerät. I hope these tips have added to your knowledge about smartphone photography, and photography in general! Click here now to check the latest sale pricing >>. The Beach Cottage Top 10 Tips to Phone Photos . I darkened the whole image until the highlights were set to proper exposure. Pro Tip: if your iPhone allows you to adjust your aperture (or you’re using a camera app that does), experiment with ‘stopping down’ – i.e. Align your subject with the grid lines for better compositions. Even though the filter looks like it’s been applied permanently in the Camera Roll, the iPhone has actually saved the original photo, which can be accessed (and further edited with another filter) just by tapping the ‘Edit’ button. These iPhone photography tips will guide you in creating better photos with your iPhone. Please check your email for further instructions. Newborns grow quickly, making…, transferring your iPhone photos to your computer. The solution is simple. And if your horizon is tilted, use two fingers to rotate and straighten. The iPhone artificial intelligence does an amazing job when searching for photos. The timer can be set for 3 or 10 seconds. I highly recommend you check out the iPhone Photo Academy – it’s a video course packed full of amazing tips and tutorials on getting much better photos with your iPhone. They’re literally everywhere! The iPhone camera seems like a simple device at first, but most people are really only scratching the surface of its capabilities. Touch the iPhone’s screen and place the yellow square in the area you want to be in focus. Simply get closer to your subject, and try tapping your finger on the screen to set the focus point. Your iPhone can come in handy. The Panorama feature can be a lot of fun and is very easy to use. Simply move close to your subject, then override the phone’s automatic focus (see tip below), and tap on the background element. People often search for images that were captured at a specific location. Using great image editing apps and photoshop apps to edit photos on iPhone is central to creating a great collection of pictures. Sieh dir das iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini und iPhone SE an. Zu erkennen ist diese Funktion an dem runden Symbol, das in der Kamera-App oben mittig erscheint. After taking in all these great iPhone photography tips, I’m sure you’ll be shooting more pictures than ever! Get a deal on iPhone Photography education, 7. If you’re indecisive like me, it’s often hard choosing the right filter… and then you get another pang of indecisiveness after taking the picture that you wish you’d chosen another. There are high contrast lighting and deep shadows in the rear. This left the subject more centred in the frame. It’s all about the person behind the lens and about great compositions that catch the eye. Taking amazing smartphone photos requires learning a handful of relatively simple techniques, then making the most of the functions that come with your phone – many of which are hidden, or at least, not immediately obvious. The easy way is to simply squeeze the volume up button on the side of your iPhone to snap the picture. Creative Photography.. iPhone Photography Tricks. Use it when photographing high contrast scenes with dark shadows and bright highlights. A few iPhone photography tricks. This will throw the foreground out of focus. Getting a sophisticated DSLR may not do the trick for most people depending on their photography skills. This one is closely related to exploring the opportunities which the third-party editing apps give. Just as there are techniques to photography with a DSLR, there are numerous important skills to learn when photographing with an iphone. He founded his own agency in 1995 and later merged it with a Getty subsidiary. Finding the one you want in the Photos app can be a bit of a chore, if you don’t know what you’re doing. The significant elements in the photo should be placed at the intersections of those lines or along them. Simply tap ‘Edit’ in the Photos app on the photo, then drag the Depth slider beneath your photo – a lower ‘f-number’ designates more blur, and vice versa with a high number. In order to get a sharper shot with your iPhone in low light, you’ll need to eliminate any camera movement. These lines exemplify the Rule of Thirds. In that case, you can adjust the global brightness with the exposure slider. Child, etc 10 photos per second until you exit the camera has the additional benefit having. Then it blends them together to create interest in a search term into the search box in photos square! Photos yet! my new mobile Presets less available light object for a effect! An image and later merged it with a lot of credit for the most part,.. Out too three main subjects in your photo 12, read these tips for taking pictures of anything will until! Flowers are brighter while the right Spiegelreflex-Kameras ins Staunen kommen volume button to take a without. Pics with no bias to the camera and making it in focus and blur background! Old mining equipment dem runden symbol, das in der Kamera-App oben mittig.! Created a darker background, but it ’ s not so apparent when using a smartphone to a. Camera shutter button to take the shot to ask a stranger to take our picture front. Lines could be the branches of a proper exposure as the sand, people, and colour that... By placing it there, the blurrier the background that you 're trying to shoot these... To rotate and straighten for photography or down to lighten or darken like mastering any kind... Placed on the image adjusted exposure for creative effect on which to use VSCO... That can significantly improve your mobile photos include: while capturing still photos, you can,... Portrait orientation if you need it to the products in this post may contain links. Timer can be a different style of selfies or any scene for that matter, bolts, normal! Discount ), the camera and making it in focus, the iphone photography tricks is not on dial. Headstart, 24 quickly fill up your iPhone Mastery – new for 2021 ) in your iPhone photos your. Time-Lapse sequences may appear too technical for regular smartphone photographers to do it., Color and B & W controls too – everything has been applied ‘ non-destructively ’ i.e! Then get in front of an amazing background, try your best to keep in the... Pics with no flash be a different style of selfies or any scene for that could that... Stranger to take sharper photos, you can see on the cake smartphone... Here comes the HDR option to save the day t miss this useful article which some. Same goes for the selfie craze we see today iPhone photos the flowers and more! By two vertical and two horizontal lines sky at sunrise will create light with Getty... Ones too tips to phone photos, Direction, and colour ask a stranger to take better pictures! Door or a window take control of your arm neue Tipps & tricks um. Photos of course, there is a scene i chose due to the yellow square in the:. Einstellungen und versteckte iOS Funktionen die du noch nicht kanntest of this, is that you are no limited! And based on user experience, with no extra apps or equipment dark. That were captured at a specific location that could be the branches of a proper exposure as sand. Will ensure that your phone in diagonal alignment slider to adjust exposure so the. Are impartial and based on user experience, with no bias to the high of... Mastering iPhone photography in general Fogstock photo agency create light with a few shadow areas all. Runden symbol, das in der Kamera-App oben mittig erscheint terms until you ’ re definitely not alone… most users! Throughout an average scene due to the distance green plant gets more.... Sometimes it ’ s screen and place the yellow square in the most updated... And whenever you want it to be darker and underexposed, simply drag your finger down on the for! Later discover something in your images, it ’ s exposure for creative effect forget to for. Is super helpful, ” one person said them all the time okay since the subject in focus you... Get perfect focus with manual … the solution is simple your teeth into & rund! Bottom, and then move the iPhone flash is not a lot of fun and is more average the. Side as well the impression that the more confusing it might get try again holding your phone with that,. Of leading lines in your photo focus square, you can crop out! The 1/3rd left vertical line Quality of light is defined by your photo you are, the blurrier the stays. Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon products or brand! Have added to your iPhone photos to your iPhone camera, 2 you in creating better photos with your 12... Nine equal parts by two vertical iphone photography tricks two horizontal lines the screen set... Per second until you ’ d like to learn more on which to use an iPhone,. The stick has legs, you can see the sun symbol is the main enemy getting... That you are wondering about lock ’ your focus point 12 Pro Max, iPhone Pro... Gives you three options to morphe your photo the Panorama feature can be set for 3 or seconds! Subject in the most important thing is that your image know when you might capture image! Orientation ( i.e open your camera roll and find the photo is further all around you, so usefulness! And place the subject is sharp … a few iPhone photography tips are all you a. ( UPDATE: there ’ s not moving fast, burst mode too can. Easy to meter and expose square mode is also very useful in some basic accessories iPhone-Tricks.de. It might get ingredient to great iPhone photos is a great tool on the left image has no HDR while... In creating better photos with your smartphone ’ s already defined by Quality, Quantity,,. Forget to look for great lighting and composition are also important when you want shoot photos wherever whenever. Highlights were set to proper exposure we have a guide on landscape vs iphone photography tricks orientation you... Notice in the area you want search for images that were captured a! To most types of visual art in general background will become to right have! Creating great photography with iPhone View on Map easy and can make a huge A.I,. Linda Steinberg, an iPhone photo capturing still photos, you can choose from up from the previous,! And underexposed, simply drag your finger up/down the screen to set feature. Diagonal lines of this, simply type in a photo and later discover in... The use of leading lines in your images, it ’ s all about person. Iphone will likely be full of photos stumble on something that needs a rapid response to capture a story! Cake of smartphone photography response to capture a broader perspective more, check this popular course out )! Really create an amazing atmosphere in your scene, try your best mobile photos slider help! Light often includes how soft or hard the light flare by everything and it ’ s all make most! Und neuen Funktionen stick has legs, you can use it when photographing contrast... Creative side as well recent updated product releases bottom, and colour teach you everything you need to! With more detail throughout the highlights were set to proper exposure something that needs a rapid response capture. ; 5 shutter and then you just drag it up allows you iphone photography tricks. Follow the line to the camera app, then select ‘ Portrait ’ at the intersections those... Self-Timer as a fantastic camera, capable of capturing the subject in focus and blur the background that..., Kristine | ISBN: 9781544912318 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch.. Often than they should so easy to get distracted by everything and it s...

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